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My Little Jedi


Hehe, I love the name of this event planning company. Imagine saying “my wedding was styled by My Little Jedi“? It’s ridiculous cute, just like their website, magazine and obviously, event design.

They rightly inform us on their website that they are stylish, inviting, vintage, dreamy, enticing, whimsical. And if it weren’t obvious from that, their pics speak for themselves!

And not only can you ogle the pretty you can also download printables, buy party pieces to bring your event together and flick through their gorgeously curated online mag!

So stop by My Little Jedi – it’s super sweet and very inspiring.


Get The Creativity Flowing


Part of the problem when you first starting planning your wedding is knowing not only what both you and your partners’ personal styles are but also how to bring them together. Then you have to figure out a way to pull everything together in a polished and fun way. That’s where other people’s experiences and ideas can come in handy. Particularly when it’s done stylishly and visually. Visuals can always help you understand how different things look and work together.

I have scoured Pinterest for the past few weeks (yeah, I know – there is a little addiction there…) and found a few people who find consistently good stuff: inspiring and aesthetically droolworthy. Check them out yourself!

Sarah O Michaels has a gorgeous pinspiration board she calls Wedding Pretties.
Michelle Halpern pinspires with her Wedding Inspiration board.
Fun and colourful days are featured in the Goin’ to the Chapel board created by Ashley Wolfe.
Kirsten Fargotstein has just started pulling together moody images for her The Wedding Date board.
If you’re after vintage, handmade, pretty celebrations Flockin Dani has pieced together her Wedding pinboard.
And if you’re after all round amazeballs inspiration, take cues from the professionals. An event group cutely called Junkerman Jones have thrown together many specific themed celebrations.
Unique and graphic, Annasofia Forstrom has created here Wedding Fantasies board complete with forests and berrries.
Danie Daly Romrell has an amazing array of pretty pics and detailed boards, but our fave is her Weddings: Inspiration.

Enjoy the explorations!