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Real Wedding: Heather & Josh


What a beautifully constructed and spectacularly documented wedding day. Everything about Forrey Films’ wedding video of Heather and Josh’s Santa Clarita wedding is perfection. What a beautiful couple, and what a beautifully told love story. Enjoy!


A Proposal and Save-the-Date in One


One of my favourite wedding blogs is Green Wedding Shoes. I have been a follower for many a year and love the latest brand incarnation. Aside from that, I often find the most stunning inspirations there and couldn’t help but share this with you all. The simplicity, beauty and raw, genuine love depicted in this amazingly shot save-the-date video by Dan Chen blew me away (and had me crying in my office). Johan: you are a very special man. Charlene: you are one lucky lady. Follow either link for more images and info about Charlene and Johan’s very special day.

Andy & San’s Cinematic Wedding Video


I was always dubious about the wedding video. I think that many times good, cinematic wedding videography is hard to find. There needs to be an art to not only how a wedding is shot but also how it is edited. There needs to be care, precision and above all else an excellent eye for capturing the fleeting moments that build emotion on your big day.

So, imagine how excited I was when I came across Paper Cranes Productions, a team of filmmakers and videographers from Sydney. Every single member of the team is passionate about about telling the story of your wedding day visually through the language of film. And it shows.

I was granted access to all of their film ‘trailers’ and given the option of which I’d showcase here. It was hard to narrow my choices down because they are all so visually stunning and stirring. I can honestly say that I had teared up at some stage in each video (and they last less than five minutes!). But I chose Andy and San’s video because it has a particularly lovely spark of romance, a sense of fun and it is clear that the couple really put themselves into their day…have a look at the screencaps below to whet your appetite and then sit back and enjoy their beautiful video.

And now…the video. Get your tissues and ensure no-one is watching you!