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App, App and Away: Appy Couple, an iPhone Wedding App


Wow! I really admire people who can think of new and innovative ways to integrate technology use into people’s daily lives. With a fairly new love of all things iPhone and iPad related (in the countdown for my new iPad now!), I love it when I come across an app that is perfectly designed to either make life easier, prettier or just that little bit more fun.

Appy Couple is a funky little project where couples can create and personalise their own iPhone and iPad app. When you create your app, you also create a unique website. And the best thing is? It’s simple, easy and soooo much fun.

Be as cute and pretty as you want – with many different styles and themes to choose from you are bound to find one that suits you and your partner, as well as the look of your day. With features like “our story” where you can let your guests know everything about how you guys met, the proposal and your lives together, and “games” where guests can see how quickly they can put you two together (a tile game), your guests can feel a part of the day even before they’re there. And if all that wasn’t enough, you can keep your registry information within the app, let everyone now who is on your bridal party and have guest RSVP right through their phone.

And the steps are as easy as:

Get out there and enjoy!