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Stylish Seventies; Wedding Inspiration


After the fun I had yesterday finding sixties wedding inspirations I thought I’d take myself on a journey through the decades to see how weddings have developed and changed. Today we’re looking at the stylish seventies…

This sweet little video makes me smile. I love that hats were a big part of the day and that some of the older ladies and gents had embraced sixties and seventies fashion. Again I love the simplicity: a wedding being a special ceremony at your local church and then a reception at a family home. Let’s look at the style of a seventies marriage:


Swinging Sixties; Vintage Wedding Inspiration


I love this video; someone’s parents’ wedding from 1969. I love the mix of tradition and modern; parents and relatives in fairly conservative mid century clothing and the bridal party in a stunning mix of mod influences. Today we’d call their fashion vintage but for the ladies seen happily and excitedly strolling into the church they were pushing the envelope with straight lines, beehive hair styles and bright red ribbons. I also love the simplicity of weddings of this time: getting married at the local church, travelling back to one set of parents’ house for the reception in a borrowed car strung up with cans, decorated with “just married”.

It made me think about what elements of the weddings of years past we could bring to contemporary wedding plans. And I don’t simply mean the¬†fashion, but also in stalling the massive wedding industry somewhat and bringing back¬†simplicity.

How pretty is this wedding dress? Long, clean lines, floaty and feminine. Love the vintage styling in the image too.

Lace, gloves, large veils and flowing white flowers: a way to create a very obvious nod to the 60s. Love Elvis’ snakeskin suit too!

I love the sassiness of the image above left. The unceasing smile as the newly married couple walk down the street covered by an umbrella; it’s priceless. Love the cake to the right too.