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WHITE Wedding Magazine


I don’t know how WHITE has escaped my attention for the past year or two but it has. I bespied a poster for their most recent issue (the 3D one) at my local newsagents and thought it was a brand new magazine. I was surprised to find out as I purchased it that it was the fourteenth issue!

I was really keen to flick through this magazine as I had often bought wedding magazines like Cosmo Bride and Real Weddings in order to find inspiration for people’s weddings, invitations I was keeping up with trends for the blog (and if I’m completely honest, so I could imagine what my own wedding day would be like). And while I love both of those magazines for their up to the minute coverage of wedding and bridal trends, rich aesthetic and fun banter, I couldn’t wait to sit back with a glass of wine and rifle through WHITE. I suspect it had more to do with the texture of the pages (a thick, Frankie or Outdoor Room type vibe) than the fact that they had special glasses to view real weddings shot in 3D.

What I loved about this mag (apart from the paper and aesthetic , which was very handmade) was how short and playful articles were interspersed amongst more short but more serious articles about your marriage. Because, let’s face it, the wedding is only ONE day; the marriage is forever. Well, it is supposed to be; and with this magazine approaching your big day through the lens of fashionista, wedding planner, thrifty chick and counsellor. You’re more likely to succeed in having a gorgeous wedding but an even more gorgeous life together as husband and wife. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I could overlook the many errors in form and grammar (can you tell I teach English?!) and how a lot of the images seemed to be a little too amateur. So, WHITE isn’t perfect.

The website component is cool because they extrapolate on a lot that the magazine deals with. You can even find more 3D content (including wedding videos) on their blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy from your local newsagents and flick through at your leisure.