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Golden Globes Red Carpet Bridal Inspiration


As usual, I sat and indulged in the red carpet of the Golden Globes, wishing I could get all dressed up in the best clothes and jewels and swan down a red carpet. And as I watched I realised how much inspiration is out there for brides at the moment. From classic and refined to edgy and bedazzled, the dresses, modelled to perfection by Hollywood’s finest, were a stunning array of the many styles and looks available to savvy brides everywhere. Below are my picks for the best bridal looks – sticking to fairly traditional colour palettes and styles with a few more outrageous colours (Jessica Alba’s stunning mauve), styling (Busy Phillips’ twenties fringing), shocks of unexpected details (Angelina Jolie’s red collar) and finishes (Nicole Ritchie’s bold beading). Enjoy!