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Instagram Wedding Pics


Ok, I’m sold. I downloaded Instagram a while ago and tried using it but somehow or for some reason I forgot I had it. Until about two months ago. There it was sitting innocuously in my “photography” iPhone app folder, all innocent and neglected. I fired it up and fell in love with it all over again.

My love for it was furthered when I found this list of things that can be done with the instagram pics. Now they no longer have to stay in your phone locked away for ever! With Printstagram you can even turn up to 400 pics into a large wall poster (that can be framed too).

So…it got me to thinking. What if, instead of the traditional disposable/digital camera per table with a set of instructions about what you’d like to have candid pictures of, you had info popped up somewhere informing your guests that you’d love for them to take you some Instagram pics. Tell them how to download Instagram (never fear, the ubiquitous iPhone will make an appearance at nearly every table, if not every seat) and adding you or your groom’s Instagram details so that your guests can follow you. That way, they can take a series of pics that you’ll get to experience later – and eventually turn into a work of art!


Ryan & Allison’s High Tea “War” Couple Shoot


I was going to post something completely different today but when I checked my inbox this morning I was excited and delighted to find an email from the very talented Hilary Cam. A professional wedding photographer for eight years and branching out on his own for the first time (scary but liberating!) he will finally have the freedom to shoot events with his own distinctive taste.

He submitted this very beautiful (and fun) couple shoot styled by partner Nicola. Staged as a very glam high tea in a private Blue Mountains garden, Ryan and Allison, a couple very much in love, wanted to put together a shoot that allowed them to showcase their love in a playful way. It was little wonder then that all of those delectable, creamy treats became weapons of choice in a good ol’ fashion food fight by the end!

If you’re interested in talking with Hilary about couple, engagement or wedding shoots (or just about any other photographic work), you can contact him through his blog or website.