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My Little Jedi


Hehe, I love the name of this event planning company. Imagine saying “my wedding was styled by My Little Jedi“? It’s ridiculous cute, just like their website, magazine and obviously, event design.

They rightly inform us on their website that they are stylish, inviting, vintage, dreamy, enticing, whimsical. And if it weren’t obvious from that, their pics speak for themselves!

And not only can you ogle the pretty you can also download printables, buy party pieces to bring your event together and flick through their gorgeously curated online mag!

So stop by My Little Jedi – it’s super sweet and very inspiring.


Tickle the Imagination: Wedding Issue


Last week I posted about online wedding magazines and how grassroots publications and inspiration blogs like Our Sweet Love are revolutionising how brides determine the look and feel of their days. I also said I’d keep you posted about other issues I find.

Today I stumbled across handmade-loving Tickle the Imagination. While not specifically wedding related each issue, the inspiration for handmade in these issues is second to none. And when I saw that issue four was wedding themed, I squeaked!

With cute Valentine’s themed love notes, crafty tutorials, links to online inspiration, vendor listings and four real Aussie weddings to inspire, Tickle the Imagination is set to do just that. Enjoy!

Monday Muse (A Day Late!): Nail Art


I really wasn’t across the whole nail art phenomenon until I kept seeing awesomely styled pics popping up on Pinterest. And then when Zooey Deschanel rocked tuxedos at the Golden Globes, I knew it must have taken off; splashing some carefully arranged polish on your nails and flashing them to the world.

So why shouldn’t you and your girls do something fun with your nails for the biggest day of your life? Your nails are guaranteed to be seen (and photographed) like you’re at your own Golden Globes, so why not embrace the trend for unique and style up something fun, pretty, rustic or colourful to complement your dress, styling and day?

Your something blue perhaps?

Online Wedding Magazines


Part of the fun of getting married is the planning process…well, for most brides anyway. Thinking about what dress they’ll wear, how they’ll style their bridesmaids, what colours will feature in the decor and how they’ll infuse the day with elements of their love in the ceremony and reception gives many brides those feelings of fluttering butterflies. In the “old days” these ideas were formed after flicking through bridal magazines and attending other weddings. Nowadays the modern bride heads straight to her favourite blogs and online image filters like pinterest and flickr, sometimes even before raiding the stands of her local newsagent.

So the advent of online/digital wedding publications is very exciting for me (especially because I’m set to receive my first iPad!). I love a good online magazine, and even run one myself so when I started trawling online magazine “publisher” (really, “platform-er”) issuu, I found some gorgeous mags…

But my fave is Utterly Engaged. I am utterly in love. With 20…yep TWENTY back issues to drool over, you can get a whole bunch of inspiration and ideas from the gorgeously compiled and lovingly designed magazine. Keep posted, I’ll find more for you guys!

Rustic-Vintage Wedding Shower


Part of the beauty of weddings are the other little celebrations along the way. Often people go one step further than the hen’s and buck’s parties and have wedding showers, garden parties, kitchen teas or even rehearsal dinner/parties. Today I wanted to feature a rustic, vintage styled wedding shower I found featured on Pieced together by Susan Duane of Hometown Girl, the look favours gorgeous fresh greens and whites coupled with natural fabrics and papers.  These images are enough to get you dreaming of a rustic-vintage party of your own…

Wedding Shower Table Decor
Wedding Shower Table Decor
Wedding Shower Table Decor
Wedding Shower Table Decor
Wedding Shower Table Decor
Wedding Shower Table Decor

Instagram Wedding Pics


Ok, I’m sold. I downloaded Instagram a while ago and tried using it but somehow or for some reason I forgot I had it. Until about two months ago. There it was sitting innocuously in my “photography” iPhone app folder, all innocent and neglected. I fired it up and fell in love with it all over again.

My love for it was furthered when I found this list of things that can be done with the instagram pics. Now they no longer have to stay in your phone locked away for ever! With Printstagram you can even turn up to 400 pics into a large wall poster (that can be framed too).

So…it got me to thinking. What if, instead of the traditional disposable/digital camera per table with a set of instructions about what you’d like to have candid pictures of, you had info popped up somewhere informing your guests that you’d love for them to take you some Instagram pics. Tell them how to download Instagram (never fear, the ubiquitous iPhone will make an appearance at nearly every table, if not every seat) and adding you or your groom’s Instagram details so that your guests can follow you. That way, they can take a series of pics that you’ll get to experience later – and eventually turn into a work of art!

Monday Muse: Tattoos & Weddings


With a new found fascination for all things body art spreading the world very quickly (thanks LA Ink et al), I am suddenly aware of tattoos appearing everywhere. With NRL players sporting full sleeve tattoos on our screens every weekend during footy season and celebrities flashing their flesh art at any given opportunity (think Rihanna at the recent Grammy Awards), it’s little wonder that lovers of all things ink are starting to make it a feature of their days. Although I don’t have a tattoo, nor do I think I’ll ever get one, I think that if people are fans of something then they should make it something special in their wedding plans. Whether it be in design decor… 

…your dress…

 …a feature in your photos…

…a tradition…

 …or even a guest favour…

…if tatts are your thing, then you definitely should feature them some way.