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Monday Muse: Foreign Wedding Traditions


With multiculturalism one of the amazing things about Australia, many couples are finding that in order to bring the best out of both families, blending cultural traditions is the way to go. For those of you who are of the same cultural background, or want to add something different to your day, be inspired by some of the looks and traditions of foreign weddings. From top to bottom: Indian Mehndi (hand painting), Jewish chuppah and glass smashing, Eastern European & Asian money dance, American sand ceremony, Japanese paper cranes, Chinese tea ceremony. If you know of any others please let us know!


Simple Ceremonies


I had been waiting for the weekend so that I could finally sit down and watch Kim’s Fairytale Wedding. I had seen the images in magazines and online, found what I saw a little, well…gaudy, and decided to reserve my judgment until I saw the wedding in action.

Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed. It was filled with drama, tears, extravagance and excess wealth. And it really got me to thinking. What is a wedding day essentially? It’s the coming together of two souls to declare their love for one another and to form a commitment. It is a beautiful and sacred thing but a lot of the time the act of a “wedding” gets in the way. When it all boils down to it, the ceremony should be the number one focus. So I was inspired by this notion and thought I’d share some gorgeous weddings where the bride and groom didn’t lose sight of what it was all about –¬†coming together with those close to you to share a very simple but powerful thing: love.

This simple ceremony took place in Sydney and was featured on Green Wedding Shoes a little while ago. I love that their focus was on love, fun and whimsy all while maintaining the importance of the ceremony.

Another wedding, featured on Style Me Pretty shows how simplicity in a ceremony allows the focus to be solely on the act taking place. It is so cute, and I LOVE THOSE SHOES!

How gorgeous is this simple ceremony? Featured on Green Wedding Shoes, this wedding has a very special story – a couple unable to afford photographs (or a large wedding) when they were married were offered a styled ceremony and shoot from photographer friend Renee (of One Tree Life). Renee was kind enough to give this amazing gift to a worthy couple and in doing so rediscovered her own true love: that of using her talent as a photographer to present people memories of their special days.