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Unusual Bouquets


Hello my lovely readers. I have been MIA and I apologise. With professional marking duties taking up almost ten hours a day last week and a lovely wedding on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast over the weekend, I have barely had time to breathe let alone blog! But today we’re going to rectify that situation…we’re going to look at how to let your personality shine through your bouquet choices.

How about a bouquet made of buttons? You could make these with your bridesmaids and  keep them forever. A much more cost effective choice as well.

Another bouquet that you could make yourself and keep forever: dried lavender and wheat. Bonus? The calming scent of lavender as you walk down the aisle.

Just recently over at Green Wedding Shoes, a couple who had eloped decided to stage a few wedding snaps three years into their marriage. I was blown away by the simplicity and beauty of the yarn bouquet.

Sewing pattern company Burda have patterns/instructions for giant red ribbon roses. These are cute and keepable as well.

Pine cones aren’t a natural progression for wedding bouquets but when I saw the winter wedding above I was surprised by not only how appropriate they were but also how beautiful they were. Cost effective as well!

This stunning paper bouquet can be made (if adventurous and crafty) or bought from Etsy for quite reasonable prices. All you need to do is search “paper bouquet”.

For cost effective and “living” bouquets, try succelents. The one above is feminine and whimsical and totally appropriate for most of drought effected Australia!

If you’re having a vintage wedding or lean towards the shabby chic aesthetic then the brooch bouquet may be for you. It is also a stunning way to have important family members from both sides give you something special for your wedding day.