We always seem to focus on the bride, don’t we? But the wedding is half for the groom too, right?! This cute post from A Very London Wedding shows your man how to look a million bucks!

A Very London Wedding

Sure, sure, a wedding is the bride’s special day when all eyes are on her and she gets whatever she wants. She gets to spend thousands of dollars on her dress, boss people around and have flutes of champagne at her beck and call all day long, but what about the groom? He definitely won’t get to play too much of a role in choosing the flowers or the centrepieces and he may have to go to the bar himself to get some champagne, but one thing he can be in charge of is looking the part.

“The groom is being watched too when they’re both standing up at the front saying their vows,” says male stylist Dave Hearn. “So he has to look just as good as his future wife.”

A groom’s wedding is not the right day to let himself go or experiment with a new style, so…

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About Our Sweet Love

Hi, I'm Tegan, Sydney-based blogger, self-trained designer, wedding junkie and hopeless romantic. This amazing venture started when I sat down with my future sister-in-law to draw together some inspiration for her wedding to my brother. When I couldn't find good quality Australian vendors who were able to successfully bring to life the dreamy, vintage and handmade inspired weddings we lusted after on international wedding blogs, I launched Our Sweet Love.

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