Found this at Mehndi Paradise and thought you all should know some of the history and detail associated with Mehndi designs.

Mehndi Paradise

For many South Asian brides, the wedding mehndi is absolutely essential. The word “mehndi” has three meanings. It is the name of the henna plant, the name of the artform of decorating the hands and feet, and the name of the event or party at which the designs are applied to the bride and her relatives and  friends.  The folklore that accompanies the henna varies from region to region. Some say that the darker the henna gets, the more the brides in-laws will love her. Other times, hiding the grooms name within the intricate designs provides for some flirty wedding nights. If the groom can’t find his name, he must give the bride a gift.

One thing is for sure,  whether you opt for a simple white gown, or an extravagant lengha with all the trimmings, a beautiful henna design will complement both your skin tone and your outfit. And…

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