Monday Muse: Chameleon Dresses


I was obsessed with the Dessy Group’s Twist Dress long before I bought one to wear on my European jaunt last year. The idea that I could pack ONE dress and wear it as many different ways as I could invent thrilled me.

I also then set about buying as many inexpensive pairs of shoes clips I could so that my plain nude peep toes could be changed on a daily basis too.

I went crazy! Pouring over youtube clips before I left, I was confident that one night I could wear my dress in a twist halter style with blue bow shoe clips and another I could wear my dress as a wrap strapless with pink flower shoe clips. I thought about how convenient it would be to only have to look for ONE dress for each of your bridesmaids and then allow them to style it the way they felt most comfortable.

And Dessy Group aren’t the only group making such dresses. Two Birds Bridesmaids has some gorgeous colours and similar styles while Candarra has some more unique styles. And Matilda’s Place has a very cost effective edition. Go here if you’re after some awesome tutorial videos on styling and wrapping. But my favourites of the moment come from Annah Stretton, kiwi based fashion designer whose stall I saw this past weekend at the Craft and Sewing Show in Rosehill.

Looking at her latest ad campaign, I’m fairly sure you’ll fall in love with the unique chameleon dresses she designs. Perfect for a boho or colourful, vintage wedding, Stretton’s designs are sustainable, fit ladies whether they are a size 8 or 16 easily and are limited editions (each dress comes numbered).

Maybe you too should try out the convertible/chameleon style dress for yourself or your bridesmaids? I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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