Monday Muse: Tattoos & Weddings


With a new found fascination for all things body art spreading the world very quickly (thanks LA Ink et al), I am suddenly aware of tattoos appearing everywhere. With NRL players sporting full sleeve tattoos on our screens every weekend during footy season and celebrities flashing their flesh art at any given opportunity (think Rihanna at the recent Grammy Awards), it’s little wonder that lovers of all things ink are starting to make it a feature of their days. Although I don’t have a tattoo, nor do I think I’ll ever get one, I think that if people are fans of something then they should make it something special in their wedding plans. Whether it be in design decor… 

…your dress…

 …a feature in your photos…

…a tradition…

 …or even a guest favour…

…if tatts are your thing, then you definitely should feature them some way.


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