Wedding Dance-Off


For a few years now we’ve been inundated with video after video of crazy wedding dances. The type where couples walk down the aisle to boppy tunes. The type where couples have their traditional slow dance music change suddenly to “The Macarena”. The type where the couple have rehearsed moves with their wedding party. Even the type where professional dancers are hired to dress and serve as waiters until music pumps through the sound system and they suddenly rip open their velcroed formal pants and tops to reveal sparkly lame and fishnets.

So you’ll forgive me for being reluctant to feature anything resembling a dance video. All I can say is thank God for Everafter Productions! The cute wedding dance-off at Matt and Erin’s special day was captured for all to share. Taking an almost overused gimmick and turning into something more fun and engaging then being shot with a sense of romance…this video was worth sharing!


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