Monday Muse: Home Renovation for Wedding


I’m something of a sponge when it comes to design and ideas. I don’t mind if it’s fashion, food, homes, weddings, events or even pets, if something is unique, pretty and tickles my fancy, I’ll feel inspired and happy. This is what Monday’s posts will be about…things I consider my “muse”; that little “genius” that sparks inside of us because we have seen something that spoke to our soul.

Today’s muse is a sweet story I caught on Houzz. Ryan and Michele, the stylish duo behind Reinspired Home, decided that the huge one-off fee to rent and deck out a reception venue big enough to fit the 100 guests for their wedding was a waste. Instead, they invested in a space that could be used again and again: a three bedroom home in Seattle.

With various bits and pieces (vintage plates, stunning chandeliers, mason jars) bought and collected on the cheap (thrift/second hand stores and online auction sites) Michele and Ryan were able to accumulate an impressive collection for their wedding and home. They were able to create a special day that perfectly fit their own personal tastes, ideas, inspirations, creativity and love for all things vintage. The amazing shots below were taken by Kristen Marie.


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