DIY Dud? Let Etsy Be Your Saviour…


It only occurred to me yesterday as I trawled through my local Sparty’s store looking for interesting pieces to theme a spur of the moment surprise retirement dinner for my “father-in-law” (not yet official), that not everyone is naturally a DIY-er. I get immense pleasure out of crafting unique, handmade pieces and find myself searching for any excuse to DIY something up. But, there are many who don’t. Yesterday, as I stood amongst the fair selection of block coloured party accessories, I overheard a woman say to her friend “aargh! Too much choice…I wish I had someone here who can do this sort of stuff”. And it got me to thinking. Here I am posting easy DIY tutorials and linking to creative things for people to try at home when there are many out there who would love to achieve the same look and feel of ic handmade but either don’t have the time, patience, energy or creativity to DIT (do it themselves).

Et voila! Ladies of the non-DIY persuasion, never fear…Etsy is here. A collective of fabulous crafters and creative types, Etsy is a haven for those who want a creative, handmade aesthetic for their big day without the hassle. Just doing a very quick search this morning turned up some amazing finds, all at really good prices.

This awesome headpiece is made from beautiful tulle, sinamay and french netting with Swarovski pearl accents. Good for the races too!

Time consuming for you, but pretty and authentically handmade by someone else? Well, no one would need to know! And what about guest favours?

I think these pencils are adorable, and cheap too!

How cute are these heart cookies? All handmade and scrumptious! Looking for something to give your bridesmaids as a thanks?

As if you could pass up these 14kt gold earrings for less than $20!

And does it get any cuter than this “for like ever” sign? Perfect for decorating your reception space and even better on your wall at home afterwards. And the fact that it is made from 100% recycled wood means you can feel all good inside too.

And, I have got to stop now or else this post will end up with four hundred links to all the amazing things I have found! If you’ve found something awesome on Etsy or you sell something awesome on Etsy, let me know! I’d love to be able to ogle at it too!


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