Kegan and Sabina’s Bohemian Wedding


In mid December I featured a gorgeous wedding photographed by Jes Meacham of Ruth&Rose. Today we have another of Jes’ weddings to showcase; a totally unique and loved-up bohemian wedding that took place beneath a huge fig tree in Centennial Park, Sydney. Kegan, a musician, and Sabina, a graphic designer, met in 2008 at a live show but didn’t meet again until January 2010, after which they fell hard for each other, barely spending a day apart. After deciding to get married, they chose the auspicious 11.11.11 as their wedding date. It is clear that their Bohemian, French romanticism and gypsy style wedding was well executed. As the couple themselves told us “the wedding was full of turkish rugs, red wine, incense, music, jewellery, nature and laughter.” Writing their own vows, Kegan and Sabina also told us that they “shied away from tradition and society’s expectations for what a wedding “should” be”.  Kudos go to them both for putting together a perfectly magical day that spoke truly to them.


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