DIY Loving


I think the beautiful thing about weddings, especially the ones we feature here at Our Sweet Love, is how readily brides and grooms are embracing DIY elements to not only make their day unique and handmade but also helping them to  cut costs along the way. The web is full of inspirational DIY tutorials to help couples decide what is within their capacity and how to execute stunning results. You all know that I am crushing hard for Pinterest at the moment (who isn’t, right?) and that is because it allows brides to not only create inspiration boards for every element of their wedding day but also because it has become a great way of searching for DIY inspiration.

Want to style your own hair?

Done! Thinking about creating your own bouquet?

Easy! Keen to lay out your own tables and style up your own settings?

Wham, bam, easy ma’am! Can’t find the perfectly chic and colourful cake stands for your dessert buffet?

Then make your own! I often stumble across new projects I’d like to try simply by scrolling through the “latest pins” page. You’ll be surprised by what you find and what you will be able to do. So, check out pinterest and share your projects with me!

Oh! And speaking of DIY tutorials, keep your eyes peeled for the first episode in the first series of DIY tutorial videos for Our Sweet Love coming very soon…we’re editing as we speak!


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