Javed and Stephanie’s Cute Coastal Wedding


I’m so lucky to be featuring a gorgeous wedding photographed by Jes Meacham of Ruth&Rose. With a keen eye for tiny details, Jes is able to capture those fleeting sideways glances and half smiles that would ordinarily be lost. This wedding was super sweet.

Javed and Stephanie met at a music festival in January, 2005. They became instant friends and bonded over their love of similar bands – DeathCabForCutie, FurtherSeemsForever etc. They didn’t actually start dating until 3 years later – Stephanie had been dating another guy for those 3 years and Javed had never told her but he had secretly had a crush on her that entire time. Once the other relationship ended, Javed and Stephanie started talking on the phone and getting to know each other. They did long distance for 6 months and then he moved from Cairns to Sydney. The rest is history!

Javed proposed at night on a beach called Catherine Hill Bay (about an hour and a half north of Sydney). He had set up a table and chairs, and brought candles and wine and had written a letter that he read out to her as they sat with the water lapping up around their feet. They didn’t have rings so they cut up a braided leather cord and made their own rings out of them. They were engaged for 3 months and were married at Catherine Hill Bay. They ordered a ring from Bario-Neal that replicated the leather plaited rings they had made and that became Stephanie’s wedding band.

Javed and Stephanie knew they wanted their wedding to be a relaxed, beautiful celebration that acknowledged their friends and family.

Javed wrote a song for Stephanie and played it as she walked down the aisle on the arms of her parents. They said their vows under an arch and signed the papers at an old school desk. The groomsmen wore handmade hearts filled with lavender (made by the bride) pinned to their shirts and Stephanie wore a circlet of flannel flowers around her head. The reception was in a magical marquee in the backyard of the family’s holiday house. A tree made from sticks and branches stood tall in the centre of the tent and was covered in fairy lights and candles in jars hung from its branches. Beneath the tree were long banquet tables littered with candles and doilies and vases full of flowers.

The meal was tapas so that the guests could share platters of food and feast together. At each place was a hand-made love heart pin filled with lavender that the couple asked their guests to pin on to their clothing and wear for the entire night in place of those who couldn’t be there. There wasn’t an MC as the couple wanted all of their friends and family to enjoy the evening without being stressed or anxious – the bride and groom announced things as they happened throughout the night and began the reception with a toast to the guests. The photobooth was one of the highlights of the night as was the wedding cake (made by bridesmaid Alanna) and the vases and jars filled with flowers all along the tables. The wedding had rented out most of the houses in the town and the bride and groom snuck away to a cottage 3 houses away from the reception at around midnight and left their guests to dance the night away. There was a brunch the next morning for anyone who stayed in the village that night and everyone sat around and held babies and ate pancakes in the sunshine.

Sound perfect, no?


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