Charlotte & Dave’s Colourful Australian Wedding


I think we’re fortunate living in Australia because we have so many variations of landscape and location to choose from when planning a wedding celebration. There are beautiful beaches, fabulous countrysides, vibrant red earthed desserts and tropical paradises overflowing with greens and aquas. Oh and don’t forget the wineries, the cityscapes, the harbours and coastal restaurants! So I found it so beautiful that American couple Charlotte and Dave felt so mesmerised by what we take for granted that they flew with forty of their friends and family over here for an Australian destination wedding!

blue wedding shoestravel wedding invitationtravel wedding invitationwedding first lookwedding photography black and white

wedding reception

I love that they embraced a variation of Australian landscapes, added elements of travel to their decor (the Lonely Planet styled menu/place cards) as well as chose really beautiful locations for their ceremony and reception (Barchetta). It makes us wonder what we’re potentially missing out on or thinking is too everyday for our weddings that these particular Canadians were able to find value in from across the other side of the world!

Photography: Last Forty Percent | Originally Posted: Green Wedding Shoes



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