Bridal Fashion Inspiration: Pinterest Style


My current new love (apart from Our Sweet Love) is Pinterest. I can pin all day long on my computer and on my iPhone. I think about what I can find and am surprised by what I do. I think inspiration for weddings can come from all sorts of places and don’t necessarily need to be from weddings. So…here are some I found when I was perusing through the “women’s apparel” section on Pinterest. Don’t forget to follow me there too so you can share in all the pretty things I stumble across!

Pinned Image

Cute bridal hair doesn’t come much better than this look on Keira Knightly.

Pinned Image

Or pop an unexpected accessory into your deconstructed ‘do for simple prettiness.

Pinned Image

Or do your hair yourself…it doesn’t take much to give yourself a professional looking DIY hairdo.

Pinned Image

Or the fashionista bride may take inspiration from styled shoots or portrait sessions.

Pinned Image

Or maybe crazy pretty (and a little too Guns’n’Roses) blush coloured dresses worn fiercely next to the Eiffel Tower get your creativity flowing?

Pinned Image

 Think of your wedding as a “party” or looking to change your dress for the reception…maybe sequined minis are your style?

Pinned Image

And then pretty lace and beautiful Vogue styling can set your mind on a pretty journey…

Pinned Image

And this one is so cute and different it makes me smile.

Don’t feel you have to get your inspiration from bridal magazines. Check out fashion blogs, look at interior design style boards, flick through pinterest, even explore a few tumblrs. A wedding is about more than your stock standard white princess style gown and traditional updo these days…you can live your own day, your way. Enjoy!


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