Friday Fancies: Our Sweet Love


I laboured a fair bit about what to call the blog. I wanted it to be cute and memorable, to encapsulate the love that a wedding is designed to celebrate but also to be able to diversify into other arenas. It wasn’t until I really thought about our sweet love as a concept that I realised how gorgeous it could be visually. I wanted to feel whimsical and pretty in readiness for this killer Sydney spring weekend coming our way, so I thought it appropriate to share with you images of inspiration and simple beauty to make you think of your own sweet love.

I love this 60s wedding shot; the dress, the veil, the shoes, the icecream, the unashamed happiness. If you go to Pinterest, you’ll see a bunch of other sweet images too!

This 50s inspired Sydney wedding was featured on Ruffled blog and is so sweet. I love the letters spelling out “Let’s grow old together” across the back of the ceremony space. Classic.

How sweet is this artwork, framed and ready to view upon entering your ceremony or reception space. Sigh. So dreamy.

There is something about a patterned wedding dress that I applaud. I think it really allows the bride to show her character and taste. It also leads to many wonderfully sweet images like the one above (as photographed by Sweet Little Photographs).

I love this unusual take on cake toppers – sock monkeys! So inventive and incredibly cute.

And the sweetest…a beautifully captured (albeit somewhat posed) photograph from this wedding found on Pinterest. I love the lace dress, the hand tenderly cupping his new wife’s face, the indescribable smile of pure joy and the gentle hint of a kiss. Beautiful!

Have a great weekend fellow lovers!


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