Simple Ceremonies


I had been waiting for the weekend so that I could finally sit down and watch Kim’s Fairytale Wedding. I had seen the images in magazines and online, found what I saw a little, well…gaudy, and decided to reserve my judgment until I saw the wedding in action.

Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed. It was filled with drama, tears, extravagance and excess wealth. And it really got me to thinking. What is a wedding day essentially? It’s the coming together of two souls to declare their love for one another and to form a commitment. It is a beautiful and sacred thing but a lot of the time the act of a “wedding” gets in the way. When it all boils down to it, the ceremony should be the number one focus. So I was inspired by this notion and thought I’d share some gorgeous weddings where the bride and groom didn’t lose sight of what it was all about – coming together with those close to you to share a very simple but powerful thing: love.

This simple ceremony took place in Sydney and was featured on Green Wedding Shoes a little while ago. I love that their focus was on love, fun and whimsy all while maintaining the importance of the ceremony.

Another wedding, featured on Style Me Pretty shows how simplicity in a ceremony allows the focus to be solely on the act taking place. It is so cute, and I LOVE THOSE SHOES!

How gorgeous is this simple ceremony? Featured on Green Wedding Shoes, this wedding has a very special story – a couple unable to afford photographs (or a large wedding) when they were married were offered a styled ceremony and shoot from photographer friend Renee (of One Tree Life). Renee was kind enough to give this amazing gift to a worthy couple and in doing so rediscovered her own true love: that of using her talent as a photographer to present people memories of their special days.


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