Invitation Inspiration


When I was about twenty I started up my own wedding invitation business. I made about two lots of invitations – both for friends of friends and didn’t get paid once (an invite to the wedding was always nice!). So, I put that venture aside and kept working on becoming a teacher. Since then I have lusted after invitations and paper goods of all types, especially quirky ones. I have been trawling the net for quirky invitation ideas and came across these. If you want to know more about them, click on the links that accompany them.

What’s cuter than actually asking your guests to “tie the knot” with you as they open your invitation? This one was featured here. These be great DIY invites too.

This also plays with notions of “tying the knot” and is super cute. Love the baker’s twine wrapped crisply around a woodgrain invite. Oh So Beautiful Paper featured this invitation.

And while we’re talking about wood inspired invitations featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper, this one was featured there too – and is so delicate and gorgeous it is literally making me drool.

And I’m always a sucker for amazing custom designs. Etsy artist LeFrenchCircus will design and hand paint an invitation to suit your day and then provide you with the invitations as prints. Totally worth the indulgence.

But my all time fave at the moment is this mammoth invitation:

It is too sweet and so individual that it is worth considering how you can use your own circumstances to create something quirky and wonderful.

Have a happy weekend my beautiful readers!


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