DIY: Small Paper Touches


I have always been crafty. There is something I love about formulating an idea, working out the best way to approach the task and then spending time carefully seeing it through to fruition. Sometimes I become a little obsessive too, not stopping until I have finished (there have been too many sleepless nights and heavy bags the next day – event if I have cute little projects to show for it). I was the girl who sat for hours during her university breaks in a quiet space quilting a cushion for her mother’s birthday present. Yeah, crafty nerd.

So, imagine my delight when, after trawling for hours online, I stumble across projects online that are totally easy and incredibly gorgeous! Here is a round-up of my current faves: three paper DIY projects to help you put a tiny stamp of personality on your big day…

I came across these gorgeous bags of giant confetti on Oh Happy Day. They are almost too easy to make and pack a large punch. Head over there to check out how they’re done.

This simple but super cute tissue paper garland was featured on Green Wedding Shoes and although time consuming, if done with special friends and family leading up the wedding, it would be a fun and crafty task to get you all together to gossip about the day. Check out the tutorial there – it’s very easy to follow.

I was obsessed with a wedding I saw featured in Cosmo Bride a few years ago where the bride and groom had given their guests personalised matchbooks and sparklers wrapped in the prettiest ribbon as a favour. Every guest then lit their sparklers and formed a glittery walkway that the newlyweds ran through at the end of the night. This tutorial from Style Me Pretty allows you to create the same magic for your own exit (and with added simple directions!).

Aargh, now the creative juices are flowing through me again. Might be another long night?


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