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Upcoming this year we have two weddings at The Foundry and two weddings at The Bowery Hotel.  Last year we planned two weddings at Per Se.  Things sometimes happen in doubles for us and with amazing venues like these, that is quite alright!  I am so pleased to be able to share these gorgeous images of the Per Se wedding from Karen Wise Photography here on the blog.

This couple loved eating great food and wanted a really intimate dinner celebration for the wedding.  After looking at a number of delicious fine dining restaurants in Manhattan, they chose Thomas Keller’s Per Se at the Time Warner Center.  They had their ceremony at City Hall on Friday and their dinner reception the day after.  With quite a few guests travelling in from out of town, we planned a walking tour of Greenwich Village through Big Onion.  Who would…

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My Little Jedi


Hehe, I love the name of this event planning company. Imagine saying “my wedding was styled by My Little Jedi“? It’s ridiculous cute, just like their website, magazine and obviously, event design.

They rightly inform us on their website that they are stylish, inviting, vintage, dreamy, enticing, whimsical. And if it weren’t obvious from that, their pics speak for themselves!

And not only can you ogle the pretty you can also download printables, buy party pieces to bring your event together and flick through their gorgeously curated online mag!

So stop by My Little Jedi – it’s super sweet and very inspiring.


We always seem to focus on the bride, don’t we? But the wedding is half for the groom too, right?! This cute post from A Very London Wedding shows your man how to look a million bucks!

A Very London Wedding

Sure, sure, a wedding is the bride’s special day when all eyes are on her and she gets whatever she wants. She gets to spend thousands of dollars on her dress, boss people around and have flutes of champagne at her beck and call all day long, but what about the groom? He definitely won’t get to play too much of a role in choosing the flowers or the centrepieces and he may have to go to the bar himself to get some champagne, but one thing he can be in charge of is looking the part.

“The groom is being watched too when they’re both standing up at the front saying their vows,” says male stylist Dave Hearn. “So he has to look just as good as his future wife.”

A groom’s wedding is not the right day to let himself go or experiment with a new style, so…

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Real Wedding: Heather & Josh


What a beautifully constructed and spectacularly documented wedding day. Everything about Forrey Films’ wedding video of Heather and Josh’s Santa Clarita wedding is perfection. What a beautiful couple, and what a beautifully told love story. Enjoy!


Found this at Mehndi Paradise and thought you all should know some of the history and detail associated with Mehndi designs.

Mehndi in Paradise

For many South Asian brides, the wedding mehndi is absolutely essential. The word “mehndi” has three meanings. It is the name of the henna plant, the name of the artform of decorating the hands and feet, and the name of the event or party at which the designs are applied to the bride and her relatives and  friends.  The folklore that accompanies the henna varies from region to region. Some say that the darker the henna gets, the more the brides in-laws will love her. Other times, hiding the grooms name within the intricate designs provides for some flirty wedding nights. If the groom can’t find his name, he must give the bride a gift.

One thing is for sure,  whether you opt for a simple white gown, or an extravagant lengha with all the trimmings, a beautiful henna design will complement both your skin tone and your outfit. And…

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Monday Muse: Foreign Wedding Traditions


With multiculturalism one of the amazing things about Australia, many couples are finding that in order to bring the best out of both families, blending cultural traditions is the way to go. For those of you who are of the same cultural background, or want to add something different to your day, be inspired by some of the looks and traditions of foreign weddings. From top to bottom: Indian Mehndi (hand painting), Jewish chuppah and glass smashing, Eastern European & Asian money dance, American sand ceremony, Japanese paper cranes, Chinese tea ceremony. If you know of any others please let us know!

App, App and Away: Appy Couple, an iPhone Wedding App


Wow! I really admire people who can think of new and innovative ways to integrate technology use into people’s daily lives. With a fairly new love of all things iPhone and iPad related (in the countdown for my new iPad now!), I love it when I come across an app that is perfectly designed to either make life easier, prettier or just that little bit more fun.

Appy Couple is a funky little project where couples can create and personalise their own iPhone and iPad app. When you create your app, you also create a unique website. And the best thing is? It’s simple, easy and soooo much fun.

Be as cute and pretty as you want – with many different styles and themes to choose from you are bound to find one that suits you and your partner, as well as the look of your day. With features like “our story” where you can let your guests know everything about how you guys met, the proposal and your lives together, and “games” where guests can see how quickly they can put you two together (a tile game), your guests can feel a part of the day even before they’re there. And if all that wasn’t enough, you can keep your registry information within the app, let everyone now who is on your bridal party and have guest RSVP right through their phone.

And the steps are as easy as:

Get out there and enjoy!